Website Design

Over the years I have designed and built websites for a number of clients. My skills have developed towards building more interactive database driven sites using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Flash, Javascript and whatever else I can use to get the job done.

Smoothdevil is a social networking and job search site for people in the creative industries. It has over 10,000 members and is growing daily. The site is very interactive. User's can build their own profile, message each other, post/apply for jobs or chat to others in realtime. I worked with Heyday Ltd to help design and implement the website.


Bluebloomer is my latest personal project. The purpose of Bluebloomer is to provide listings of the latest blogs by automatically sorting them into topics. In addition, Bluebloomer is also able to keep track of the latest news and stories. The website is still in development, however it already contains about 500,000 searchable blog entries.


Other Websites

There are a number of other sites I have worked on including websites for the Hawkes Bay Seahorse Farm, Napier Prison Backpackers, Jessica Design Store, Outwardbound and more.