Video and Animation

I have always had an interest in film and animation. I'm a huge Miyazaki fan and also a fan of Tim Burton's work. Initially, I found animation to be daunting, but with learning and much dreaming things came together.

Autumn Stone, "Payload" Music Video

This was my first animation. It was made as a music video for a band I played in called "Autumn Stone". It's a bit dark with a definite Tim Burton influence. I entered this animation in the "Handle The Jandal" independent music video awards, where (much to my happy surprise) it won the animation section.

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Don McGlashan, "Harbour Bridge" Music Video

After the "Payload" video, I was lucky enough to find myself directing an animated video for famous kiwi music legend "Don McGlashan". We had a small team working on filming and editing real footage. I then worked on the 3D modeling, texturing, animation and bringing it all together.

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Azure System Presentation

This was a presentation video for Azure's interactive photo system. It needed to be simple, fun, colourful, and fast moving. It was a very quick project, two insane weeks from concept to finish including an original soundtrack.

Watch wmv video (19.2 MB)

Hukawai Museum, "Origins Of Life" Short Film

As part of the Heyday team I was involved in creating a 3D animated short film for the Hukawai Museum exhibition. The film portrays the Maori story of the "Origins of Life". It was a fairly complex production with large 3D scenes and CG characters.