Interactive Design

In the last few years I have been designing and programming interactive kiosks. I use DirectX for handling 2D/3D graphics, sound and input devices combined with my own custom built graphical interface scripting. Any other functionality can be built depending on the requirements. The sky's the limit.

Azure System

I developed a kiosk system for Japanese company "Azure". Users could load their own photos into the system and then edit them using a custom built drawing tool. They could then order products with their edited photos printed on them. Orders and photos were then sent via secure link to Azure's web server for printing. My Japanese was (and still is) terrible, so I worked closely with a translator in order to understand the brief and produce the final product.

Hukawai Museum Interactives

As part of the Heyday team I was involved in producing an exhibition for Hukawai Museum in Franz Josef, New Zealand. For my part, I was required to design graphics and programs for three interactive touchscreen kiosks. I was also required to produce a series of 3D models and animations.